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Financial brands merge – Design for print and online

From the outset of our work with IA Clarington to create an interactive calculator, we knew that the client wanted to go further, to push the medium and to be creative while working with complex data and significant constraints. The idea was very timely – to use the 50 year track-record of the fund in comparison to familiar benchmarks, to effectively present its  performance. The challenge was perfect for showcasing Someone's abilities.

The calculator made it easy for advisors and their clients to observe the returns of specific dollar investments, over the entire history of the fund. A top performer, the flagship IA Clarington Canadian Conservative Equity Fund was shown to outperform all the benchmarks.

The Challenge

Diane Penwill can tell this story best:

'IAClarington hired me to take a look at their corporate identity when the two companies – Industrial Alliance and Clarington – joined forces. After creating a brand strategy based on the historic and core values of both companies and the equity I knew existed with the current brand, I brought Someone in to design a new look and feel for the collateral material to reflect the positioning I had envisioned.'

The Someone Solution

'Someone completely understood what I wanted from the outset and was able to add value to the essence of the new brand by interpreting subtle nuances in the positioning and translating them into aspects of the design. They delivered the concept in a well conceived, templated format which made the whole marketing program work harder – sales & marketing collateral, trade (advisor) and customer advertising  – so that my goal could be easily achieved: for the program to evolve with IAC, as their mandate changed gradually with the new corporate structure.

I felt that Someone so understood design’s role in marketing, it was natural I would then bring them in to work on the IAC Dividend Calculator, a powerful interactive tool we decided to build to illustrate the power of dividend investing to a dual audience of advisors and investors. The result was an engaging, deceptively easy, and entertaining way to deliver the information to the target audience. It employs a dynamic database with charts and graphs which can be manipulated by each user to tailor it to their own needs. IAC has been using this on their site now for two years.'


'I had previously worked with Deborah Barnett and Aaron Benson on an extensive branding program at Manulife Investments, but I had no idea of the breadth of Someone’s expertise until I worked on this project with them. Someone not only had the creative depth, marketing sense and flexibility to handle the creative direction and graphic design requirements, but they also had the technical capabilities to create the functionality for an interactive tool as complex as this one, as well as the production and project management skills to pull this huge project together. I thought I would have to go to at least two different agencies to complete the entire program. Someone was truly professional to work with and their responsiveness, turn-around time and dedication are next to none. The three people I worked with delivered like a crew of ten!'

Diane Penwill
Manager of Creative Services
IA Clarington

Years later, the calculator remains active and available to advisors to support investment in dividend funds.

'Someone's creative team has shown professionalism and attention to detail while delivering very cost effective solutions to meet today's clients' needs.'
Dominic Plante, CFA
Product Manager
IA Clarington Investments


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