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Team collaboration delivers new identity

In Spring 2009, Someone began a collaborative and creative identity building process with Kimbercote's internal brand and marketing team.

Someone worked with the organization to target goals and objectives; to identify attributes, update market positioning to include new audience segments, and promote Kimbercote's re-focused directions and offerings.

'Throughout the identity-build, Someone guided the core team to a deeper understanding of what the process would deliver, including the attributes of the organization, the messages that each concept identity would portray, and the impact on the target audiences.'

Including everyone

Someone provided design and web-enabled systems to gather input, encouraging Kimbercote's disparate membership and partners to participate in the development of the new logo.

Kimbercote Brand Identity Development

The updated logo represents Kimbercote's new and exciting directions: expanding community and membership awareness and participation; enhancing the organization's retreat business identity; articulating and growing their environmental partnerships and the stewardship of the 120 acres of land on the Georgian escarpment.

Kimbercote Logotype

'Through a series of focus-testing exercises, complete with graphic identity concepts delivered both in web format and on boards displayed at public events, the branding team was able to guide the identity-building process knowing that the organization's membership was well-informed and that their feedback would inform the outcome of the work.

At all stages in the work, Someone produced not only the agreed-upon deliverables, but also went way beyond the expected in their positive attitude, encouragement, foresight, intuition, and determination to find the right solution. The end result reflects the Kimbercote team and the membership, and that truly speaks to the expertise of Someone.

Thanks Deborah!'

Stacie Constantine Kimbercote, Marketing and program development

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