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Provenance Regional Cuisine

Alex Johnston, founder of Provenance Regional Cuisine, came to Someone for a brand and online presence. Preparing for a launch into the fine regional foods sector, he was full to brimming with excitement. The company would deliver regional foods with good provenance: locally sourced, growing and building direct relationships with Ontario's and Canada's best growers and producers.

Crafting the new company identity
Alex, a Toronto chef, was ready to create Provenance Regional Cuisine. Coming from a decade of experience as a chef in Toronto, France and several years, most recently, working back in Toronto with the Jamie Kennedy operation, handling with finesse, the commissary kitchen.

Seeking the combined effect of careful design and integration of print, web and direct marketing, Alex required a visual identity that would speak to his best customers and suppliers,; one that would instantly deliver the honesty and integrity of his own vision.

At Someone, we sourced a series of agricultural image engravings from our own collection of early 20th century copper and brass cuts produced to showcase the same wholesome foods that Alex delivers to his customers today. The best and richest prizes of the Great Lakes small fisheries and heritage breeds of meat and poultry that Provenance Regional Cuisine delivers today, are brilliantly depicted, the same as were produced in this region a century ago.

Provenance Business Cards

We employed the cuts to hand-print the new company's business cards on our proofing letterpress, in three colours, from a combination of photo-polymer plates and engravings. The paper was sourced from Mohawk, Navajo, a high-grade, ultra-smooth uncoated 120lb bonded sheet. The same images were also printed on a clay-coat reproduction paper for scanning and adaptation to digital formats. These extremely hi-res images will continue to be employed to build web templates and other marketing materials.

Meeting the new business needs
A launch website presence and email marketing campaign were rolled out immediately to initiate the home delivery business during the first phase of the business. Alex began this one-to-one delivery operation to build the company's initial subscription base of more than 300 customers. As the business evolves, Alex is able to work with us to tailor his online presence to suit his customers needs, and future plans.

Provenance Newsletter Template

Following a staged roll-out of the identity and marketing campaign - for the phase two website (, Someone developed custom templates to wrap the Joomla framework and efficiently built in the technologies that Alex required to conduct a complete e-commerce solution – credit card transactions, a shopping cart and customer services, create user and customer accounts with privileges, initiate and maintain blogs and discussions threads. All these functions are accessible from Alex' multiple work sites, using simple tools that ensure smooth operations. Meantime, Provenance's approach has been seen as distinctive, fun, informative and customer-friendly, without creating unnecessary work, and keeping his options wide-open. A good thing for Alex who'd frankly prefer to work on the food that he loves!

Provenance Website

Now with a physical location in his own downtown neighborhood (and ours too), Alex's food is taking another step in its reach to Toronto's discerning foodies. So keep an eye out for this cool brand!

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