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December 2010

Come to 9 days of something at someone. Meet other discerning graphic art lovers and someone's long time collaborators, artists, writers and print aficionados. Stayed tuned for notice of special guest appearances and other holiday cheer.

December 16-24
Weekend days, noon-7pm
Weekdays, 2-7pm

9 Days of Something @ Someone

Old is new at Someone. The studio is offering unique and traditionally created objects and ephemera combining modern methods and vintage printing technology and creating fine print paper objects with a stylish and modern spin.

Mentored by two type and graphics veterans, Aaron Benson and Deborah Barnett, Someone's new storefront shop at 1691 Dundas West is open for nine days and nights, offering a variety of new & old, books and cards.


Contemporary letterpress gift, poster and card productions are offered alongside The Shore, by A.F. Moritz, winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize in 2009, and the first entry in Someone's Water series of literary broadsides for release in 2012. Seth Scriver's set of hilarious fine art matching sets, Opposites Attract are available, with many more fine print objets d'art from the pressroom.


Someone traces its roots back to Dreadnaught, publisher of Whale Sound [1978], an all-Canadian illustrated anthology coordinated by Greg Gatenby, about dolphins and whales. Poets include; Margaret Atwood, Bill Bissett, George Bowering, Robert Finch, Irving Layton, Dorothy Livesay with illustrations by Charles Pachter, punk artist Micheal Berman (The Poles) and the icon of Canada’s art world multi media artist Michael Snow – among many others.

Whalesound is gorgeous and now rare. Several pristine copies will be available for purchase at the Someone store.

52 pickup 76 is another gem – a playing card-styled box of broadsides. The collection of 52 separate poems, edited by Greg Gatenby were printed one each week in 1976. Several copies are now available in the Someone store. Drop by to see a copy, or see it in our online store.

The poets are; Robert MacDonald, Edward Strickland, Jan Bartley, MT Kelly, Judith Fitzgerald, Timothy Shay, Ed Jewinski, Cecilie Jones, Susan Musgrave, Greg Gatenby, Pier Georgio DiCicco, Karsten Kossmann, Judi Hurst, Ludwig Zeller, Fraser Sutherland, Ian Young, Tim Inksler, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Daniel Johnson, David Berry, Tom Wayman, Hans Jewinski, John Oughton, Joe Rosenblatt, Artie Gold, John Robert Colombo, Margaret Atwood, Irving Layton, Dorothy Livesay, Robin Skelton, Pat Lane, J.D.Carpenter, Jan Kemp, Victor Coleman, Alden Nowlan, David Day, Ralph Gustafson, Robert Finch, Andrew Suknaski, George Faludy, Eugene McNamara, C.H.Gervais, Gail Fox, Fred Cogswell, Gwen Hauser, Len Gasparini, David Brooks, Lorraine Vernon, Albert Frank Moritz, James Reaney, Jeni Couzyn and Steve McCaffery.

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