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Alcatel Lucent at the 2011 World Economic Forum

Alcatel Lucent is committed to taking a leadership role at World Economic Forum meetings and summits across the globe. For the 2011 summit in Davos Switzerland, the company sent a delegation of lead executives to participate in the key events and discussions covering topics as diverse as the Climate Change Initiative, Anti-Corruption, Global Gender Parity, and Sustainability.

The requirement for the team was to design and develop a web portal interface that would highlight Alcatel Lucent's key involvement and presence at the summit, and with the WEF in general. Further though, it was critical that the site would function as a platform to allow the delegation to publish content from the meetings using familiar web-based tools and mobile devices.


Alcatel Lucent at the World Economic Forum Home Page

News and press releases for Alcatel Lucent (as with any large organization) are published through a centralized system, to ensure quality control and accuracy. During the Davos summit, the news releases from the company were largely focused on the topics and event of the meetings: It was a simple, direct solution to install an RSS feed reader component, to publish the content of the releases directly on the portal. Similarly the company’s corporate blog is also published from a single source, along with an RSS feed, and in this case from Wordpress. Again Someone web designers picked up the feed, filtered for tagged blog posts that were relevant, and had them displayed automatically and in near real-time.

With Flickr, Twitter and YouTube, a similar approach was taken. For each type of content, we're picking up on existing feed methods, unique channels, hashtags or custom URLs in order to filter for relevant content and display it, in as close to real-time as possible. For instance, using Twitter, we followed the primary corporate twitter account, filtering for #WEF, and at the same time, to publish late breaking headlines, we employed a second hashtag to display as news.

Using Joomla!, K2, an RSS reader based on Simple Pie, a tweet scroller, a You Tube scroller and display component, the site required a minimum amount of custom development and minimal software and licensing costs. This allowed an appropriate space in the budget,, our team to focus on visual design and customization to ensure that the site and functionality exactly suited our client’s needs. With an open source platform, the customization was painless and allowed for a rapid four-week build from conceptual design, to completion and deployment in time for the summit in Davos.

Alcatel Lucent at the 2011 WEF Davos Summit, sub-page samples

Ultimately for the delegation on the ground, they were able to use the tools that they use every day to publish content – no new training or tools were required. The Alcatel Lucent team could focus on the tasks at hand, tweeting, posting video, submitting news releases while the website took care of gathering it all up and (re)publishing through one convenient centralized portal.

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