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Someone Water II - We Are All Bodies of Water

Launch: Sunday 14 August 2011, at the Naco Gallery Cafe, 1665 Dundas Street West - 4pm. The author, editor, designer and printer will be in attendance - with a live reading, theatrical presentation, video projection and dj Echo - we hope to see you there!, with editor Beatriz Hausner is proud to present We Are All Bodies of Water by Astrida Neimanis.

"Our planetary water is increasingly polluted, commodified, instrumentalized. If we could become alive to the fact that our main social interface is this water we all share, what new ways of thinking, writing, being, might be cultivated? What would we give back?,” Astrida asks.We Are All Bodies of Water - Someone Water Series, Two

Editor Beatriz Hausner worked with Neimanis to claim and deliver a dialogue between two voices in this work - selecting, weaving and re-connecting themes and excerpts from Astrida's original 500 page thesis by the same name, to meet Deborah Barnett's request for a much smaller word count, to work with in her own typographic exploration.


“My life in books is much more than simply reading the ones that count, the books that matter, good books," recounts Hausner. "Print culture is a vast and complex universe, one where the biography of a printed work can be drawn perfectly, from creation by an author, to reception by a reader. I now am part of a publishing venture called Quattro Books. I am a librarian ‘by day.’ These facts of my life with print culture form part of a complex root system that give meaning to my days.”

In We Are All Bodies of Water, two interwoven voices seem to move in their sinewy overlapping columns, with the concept of water reinforced as well by the wavy watermark integral to the Nideggon paper the three blue inks are impressed into.

The extremely limited edition of 52 fantastic broadside posters, 13 x 22" tall, meets the collection mandate to celebrate water, and is counted as the second work in the someone:water series, scheduled for release in 2012.

The someone:water series was begun in 2009 in Cabbagetown Toronto, as part of the community's Nuit Blanche. In that same year, contributing author A. F. Moritz won the Griffin Poetry Prize. His The Shore, a literary waterscape, both beautiful and eerie, started the collection. It is illustrated by Barnett and her mentor and friend surrealist Susana Wald.

With Hausner continuing at the literary helm, someone:water will develop along the lines begun, both powerful and memorable, celebrating our most valuable and increasingly endangered resource.

Check out the poster in the someone store at 1691 Dundas Street West or purchase online at

Discounts apply for purchase at the launch [50% off], and for only $35 in advance of the launch - contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download the prospectus here.

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