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Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign

Imagine: It’s your job to get your organization’s name more prominently visible to your audiences. You need to communicate with your clients and prospects about what you can do for them in an engaging way, regularly. Traditional direct mail marketing won’t cut it. Aside from the forest of paper wasted in enormous mailings, it just doesn’t give you the personalized approach you’re looking for.

'We wanted the program to inform our customer of our product offering, deliver the information in a way that was unique and appealing. Furthermore, the piece needed to be of a design that would permit us to send multiple segments over a period of time to the sale client, while reinforcing our superior brand. Someone designed and produced the piece which met and surpassed those goals.' Tim Verbic, RLRS

The Challenge

The Royal LePage sales force identified just this range of issues in the briefing Carolyn Rouse and Tim Verbic of RLRS provided to Someone in Fall 2008. They were embarking on a campaign that would target a specific and familiar list of clients and prospects and provide them with new information about updated RLRS offerings.

Royal LePage needed our professional expertise for a few things:

  • Extending the brand identity that Someone had created for RLRS in 2007 into the new marketing plan;
  • Making regular, personalized contact with a targeted list of clients and prospects;
  • Conveying timely and detailed information about the array of services offered; and
  • Generating sales leads and having the means to follow them up.

The Someone Solution

Combining a commitment to design ‘greener’ campaigns with the interactive capabilities of Web 2.0, Someone delivered a new approach to direct marketing. Customized in every respect, our integrated print and web approach for RLRS opened up a direct line of communication between specific sales representatives and their target audiences, to ensure that the information they’re sending out is both topical and timely.

In short, Someone's integrated strategy will help turn your prospects into clients and your new clients into repeat customers.

'We received positive feedback from clients who received the DM piece - they appreciated it because was creative, unique and managed to inform without looking or sounding like a "typical" corporate DM piece.' Tim Verbic, RLRS


All aspects of the RLRS campaign, including advertising, collateral and the mini-site, work together to extend the company’s identity and messaging.

The following image is the mailing enclosure for the direct mail campaign:

Outer mailing enclosure for direct mail campaign

The letter and brochure components below are part of the year-long promotional program that allow Royal LePage to:

  • Make regular contact with their targeted list of important clients and prospects;
  • Reinforce the new branding;
  • Send a personalized direct mail letter that focuses on timely industry news related to the service being highlighted, through a template provided to the sales team;
  • Drive recipients to a devoted mini-site to learn more about the service via posted articles and links;
  • Realize economies of scale by printing the brochure elements for all six mail-outs at the same time.

Letter and brochure components from a direct mail campaign

And finally, the web mini-site itself provides:

  • Ongoing resource material for clients to consult when they are looking for assistance in their efforts to relocate employees around the world;
  • Pertinent information that can be updated internally and posted as the campaign unfolds; and
  • Automated announcements, audience feedback systems, and links to sales contacts to facilitate easy access and supply data for easy calculations of ROI on mailing and on the program as a whole.

Mini-site component of a direct marketing campaign

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