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DRESSUP! Spring design contest

Someone invites you to contribute a design to our Spring 2013 edition of DRESSUP!

DRESSUP! is a celebration of design, community and fine printing. With each edition we collaborate with designer types like you to create a wearable, snazzy piece of letterpress art to help you promote yourself and our local shop.

The Skinny

This edition of DRESSUP! celebrates Spring with a 2-colour designer Bowtie of your very own design! The winning tie concept will be letterpress printed on fabulous 100% cotton Cranes Lettra 220lb paper and die cut here in our studio. Clip-on bowtie fasteners will be attached, creating a very swanky [limited edition] hand-made spring accessory!

Whats in it for you?

When you win you'll receive 100 Bowties to do whatever you like with. (We suggest using them as calling-cards... just sayin’)
The Bowties – with your name and logo! - will also be available - hot off the press - at our shop at 1691 Dundas West during the Dundas West Fest (June 8th 2013).

We'll be showing off the Bowties online, tweeting and blogging the entries, with links to the designers, the winning Bowties and the processes we'll go through to produce them - three full letterpress runs and a die cutting. We'll be sharing it all with our growing list of thousands of letterpress and design enthusiasts.

Get crackin'! NEW Deadline for submissions is Midnight on 26th May

Grab the contest instructions here and now, and you'll have everything you need to enter and win!

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