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Year of the Quiet Sun

Someone Editions is thrilled to be creating a folio of prints, Year of the Quiet Sun. This will be a limited edition run of 62 folios with artists' proofs, hand printed, signed and numbered. Year of the Quiet Sun will contain 18 unpublished collages by formidable Ludwig Zeller. Throughout the folio we will print Zeller’s poetry, taken from his vast body of work, in the Spanish original and in English translation by A.F. Moritz.

Ludwig Zeller is world-renowned as a wonderful and highly unusual Chilean-Canadian poet and artist. His contributions have been unique and irreplaceable to Spanish-language poetry and international Surrealism, and he has published more than 40 poetry collections, some 50 poetry chapbooks and five books of collages.

He has become an icon of the art of surrealist collage, thanks to having pushed the technique of collage farther than anyone has until now. Instead of cutting and pasting paper into background and foreground, as Max Ernst invented, Zeller deconstructs original engravings of flora, fauna, landscapes, and technical drawings, only to build and construct new images, to startling effect.

“His art speaks to a timeless, classic and enduring view of the world.”
Harry Morison Lay, architect and art collector

“I support vigorously any initiative that will give recognition to Ludwig Zeller and the important contribution he has made, not only to Canadian arts and letters, but also to the continuing history of world Surrealism.”
Ray Ellenwood, Professor Emeritus, Senior Scholar, York University

His art is held in many public and private collections worldwide. He has exhibited his work internationally, including in France, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, and at the Venice Biennale. Both his poetry and visual art have been the subject of many critical essays.

“The elegance & fastidiousness of his composition make Ludwig’s collages captivating. They’re beautiful. And at the same time disturbing ... Ludwig has produced some of the most incisive writing in our history. His poetry like his presence works wonders on the heart while tenderly yet mischievously operating (with surgical precision), on the mind.”
Nick Drumbolis, antiquarian bookseller

Ludwig Zeller considers his poetry and collage-making one and the same and makes no distinction when applying his powerful imagination to either of these media.  In this regard he has, since the beginning of his engagement with surrealism, kept true to that movement’s philosophy of creation as a means of changing the world, of poetry as a means of transformation. Just last month Zeller was quoted in Chile’s national paper El Mercurio: “Surrealism persists, because it is necessary.”

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