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Ludwig Zeller's Limited Edition "Year of the Quiet Sun"

Year of the Quiet Sun is a fine art letterpress folio of unpublished collages by Ludwig Zeller.

The collection will be comprised of a limited edition run of 36 full folios, with additional copies of individual prints for framing. Through the collection, Someone Editions will print Zeller’s poetry, in both the Spanish original and in English translation by A. F. Moritz. Someone Editions will be designing, letterpress printing, and publishing this folio in as many solid colors as each original collage requires, to faithfully represent Zeller's art.

In the words of Nick Drumbolis, antiquarian bookseller, Year of the Quiet Sun is:

“A focal work by a renowned world-class artist faithfully and painstakingly produced by one of the pre-eminent fine presses in our history...This project deserves our support. It will reflect back on our culture with increasing appreciation. Ludwig Zeller is without a doubt, one of the truly great artists of our time. I say seize the time.”

Here is the Kickstarter link. You can pre-order prints and full folios at our Kickstarter page, where you can find a wide array of related rewards for pledges at any level. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of print history, and enjoy pre-production prices on Someone's expert letterpress printing of Ludwig Zeller’s work.

Choose rewards from prospectuses to broadsides and even vintage Dreadnaught books and broadsides commemorating this momentous production.

In keeping with fine print tradition, the 4 colour letterpress printed Year of the Quiet Sun prospectus will be available as a commemorative collector’s item. Download Year of the Quiet Sun prospectus [pdf], available here.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing program
This means we need to reach our goal of $9,500 in the 29 days remaining. Someone Editions needs your help. This amazing collection of prints will not exist without your support.

Join us in celebrating Ludwig Zeller’s work and become a participant in fine-print history.

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