Someone News: Design, Events, Fine Press

Launch plans in place

Someone Editions: specialty fine printing services and product

We're regrouping and revitalizing.

Specialty printing and production, our designers' hands on, artful medium is now contained in its own arena: Someone Editions is soon to be moving to its own online store this Fall.

Designed to use the innovative directions and processes to extend the specialty print medium to its fullest, along with foil, die cut, duplex and other innovative treatments, we'll continue to produce 'the papers we keep' including truly distinct:

  • announcements, invitations
  • business cards and promotional productions: portfolios, record sleeves...
  • new literary work, chapbooks and broadsides, custom print and paper-based gifts


Dreadnaught and Someone Editions vintage books and ephemera will remain accessible at the new store as well, for discerning publishing enthusiasts and collectors.

We're weeks from launch - just sayin'

Deborah Barnett

Director, Someone

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