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Fingers' crossed!

On 29 March, Someone will present a proposal outlining a brand rejuvenation and marketing strategy to the Kimbercote Board of Directors. With a go-ahead from this 50-year old non-profit organization, Someone will bring extensive experience working with other non-profits, social enterprises, governments and small businesses to the table.

Someone's deliverables will include a stronger identity for Kimbercote and will direct appropriate functionality at Kimbercote’s interactive website to create a platform for revenue-generation and volunteer recruitment.

Someone will collaborate with Kimbercote, guiding the process to build a new graphic identity for the organization, engaging the participation of a large and often geographically distant membership. The proposal also includes Someone's detailed and inspired approach to growing Kimbercote's web site as an interactive communications hub. The new system functionality that is proposed will support Kimbercote's business goals for the next 6 months and beyond, increasing visibility and community outreach while embracing the direct benefits of CMS-enabled communications technology to keep cost outlay low, contributions broad, and connections fluid.

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