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Find out more about the Someones on your project's creative team. Your team will be composed of the individuals most suited to fill your specific need, drawn from a broad base of expertise and professional background, some of whom have worked with us long enough to gain Someone status.


Deborah Barnett

creative director, artistic director, project developer, marketing strategist, content developer, focus tester, and brand strategy facilitator

Deborah brings her high-level creative director's skills to your initiative as a consultant, making sure that her services accomplish positive ROI, beyond your expectations, every time.


Aaron Benson

senior designer – print and web, general manager, letterpress printer

Aaron brings an innate understanding of the intricacies of pure design, in a way that allows him to work efficiently and effectively, which is essential to the application of Someone's creativity to a very broad range of products.


Jacqueline Barnett

program director, instructional designer, medical consultant, and creative long-distance educational program director

She develops complex content into organized packages of information that can be understood by her audiences.


Stacie Constantine

community-builder, strategic thinker, researcher, social marketer, web master, project manager, and creative

She brings people together to work towards social and environmental goals, and uses marketing strategies to get there.


Marion Lewis

ideas person, leading voice in conceptual and performance art in Canada, strategic promoter of Canadian culture

Where Marion will lead, many will soon follow. When she picks up the phone, she gets results. Over the decades she helped shape and popularize Canadian art production and was a co creator of Canada’s first artist-run centre, known as A Space.


Gillian MacLeod

designer, art director, illustrator, and creative

Her extraordinary work gets noticed because she knows how to use design and image to capture interest. . . then hold it.


Natalia Moskwa

administrator, library technician, actor, arts centre program coordinator, theatre director, veterinary assistant, copy editor, researcher, writer, creative

Along with her varied skill set, Natalia has a glorious sense of humour.


Maggie O'Connor

project director, content manager, consultant, researcher, social marketer, web master, and creative

She is Someone’s favorite yogini and an agent-of-change for environmental and community causes.


Diane Penwill

director of strategic communications, marketer, writer, and creative

She thinks out of the box, and finds radical new solutions to complex problems.


Carolyn Thrasher

photographer, visual imager-maker, big-picture thinker, and creative

She wraps pictures around your ideas so your audience gets them.


Paula Virani

video director and producer, digital formats, beta and film, television, Web 3.0 savvy, bilingual production manager

Paula Virany is an innovative Director and Producer with 18 years of success producing, writing and directing television shows, cross-platform content, commercials and short format film projects. Her awards include: New York Festivals award for 'Best Reality Show Promotion' as Producer/Writer/Director and New York Festivals Award for 'Best Show Opening' as Producer/Writer/Director.


Susana Wald

painter, graphic designer, writer, interpreter, translator

Susana understands the nuances of words as they cross cultural and linguistic boundaries, and she uses layout design to enhance the ideas.


Cory Webb

A CMS expert extraordinaire

He creates sites that are consistently smooth and effective using the latest CMS technologies.