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There's always creative work happening in the Someone studio. Find out about our current projects and goings' on in the articles below.

Pop-Up Gallery and Launch Party

SOMEONE EDITIONS announces the launch of a new art folio, Year of the Quiet Sun. This project combines the collages and poetry of Ludwig Zeller in limited edition letterpress prints.

The one-night pop-up reception will take place at 7:00pm on Saturday, 17th May at the Annex Art Centre, in Toronto’s historical Annex neighbourhood. A broad collection of Zeller’s original pieces will be on display for those wishing to see them and pledge to support the project.

For Year of the Quiet Sun a set of three prints from Zeller’s recent unpublished work will be produced in our small Dundas West letterpress studio in collaboration with Zeller from his home in Oaxaca. Ludwig Zeller is widely recognized as a poet and artist whose influence reaches well beyond the international surrealist movement. With our editor Beatriz Hausner, Someone Editions will pair a selection of Zeller's award-wining poetry with each image, and by employing digital processes to capture the original art and produce the edition, will increase accessibility of the works.

Inspired by Zeller’s collages, which are made from 19th-Century engravings, cut and re-purposed into new and fantastical arrangements, this designed edition will integrate the originals with excerpts of Zeller’s poetry in two languages, producing bold, letterpress objets d’arts. We’re funding this bilingual project through Indiegogo, and our pitch goes live on the 17 May, simultaneous to the pop-up event at Annex Art Centre on Bathurst Street in downtown Toronto.

Someone Editions' art printing practice emerges from disciplines honed in the artists' day to day work at design and fine print studio.

“Ludwig’s art is on a level with Borges. It seems to me he can’t help sharing his delight in the twists & turns of wonder… The elegance & fastidiousness of his composition make Ludwig’s collages captivating. They’re beautiful. And at the same time disturbing.”
Nick Drumbolis

“Zeller’s world is unmistakable and wonderfully terrifying. He creates an imagination in a state of savagery, one that wanders in the desert, brutal and anxious like primitive man.”
José Miguel Oviedo

All new letterpress techniques - all previously unpublished works - one night only



Not in a Superbowl kind of mood?

This Sunday head on down to Perfect for Gathering Here - 2 February, 11am-6pm, generously hosted by 2nd Floor Events - see our samples in person!

2nd Floor Events - 461 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4 ‎(416) 263-0122


Prix Fixe for Wedding letterpress and Videography!

With spring quickly approaching, (albeit, not quickly enough!) and Valentine's Day just around the corner, Someone is spreading the love and getting in-touch, once again, with our matrimonial side! In celebration of all you crazy kids, we are offering engaged letterpress lovers a special price for print, design and videography (a spiffy new service here at Someone! - more here)

For more information, please visit

From now through 31 March 2014, reference '' and receive 5% off each service, or 10% off when you select both videography and letterpress. Download the flyer here.

Someone Weddings - Special Pricing Offer


Videography at

To coincide with our special offer on letterpress wedding packages, is proud to announce videography for weddings as a new service. Check out the reel below, find out more at

From now through 31 March 2014, reference '' and receive 5% off each service, or 10% off when you select both videography and letterpress. Download the flyer here.


Mujer en sueño de Ludwig Zeller

Mujer en sueño de Ludwig Zeller

Para darle la bienvenida al año nuevo, deléitese con este recital de Mujer en sueño, grabado originalmente en 1971 por el poeta y artista surrealista Ludwig Zeller

Anna Balakian, la ensayista e historiadora del surrealismo, clasificó el poema Mujer en sueño como parte de la antigua tradición del blason de adoración.

Aproveche esta oportunidad para escuchar en voz del autor uno de los poemas de amor más conocidos dentro de la tradición surrealista: en español español y en traducción inglesa (recitada por Peter Mortimer).

Ludwig Zeller es reconocido internacionalmente por su poderosa obra poética y sus collages.

El año del sol en calma anuncia la producción de una edición limitada de un folio de collages de Zeller, que irán acompañados de selecciones de poemas del mismo autor.

Apoye el proyecto y  hágase partícipe de la tradición editorial de libros raros::
1.    suscríbase a través del sitio Kickstarter Kickstarter – quedan solo 6 días!
2.    Pida su orden en línea en el sitio
3.    mande su pago por adelantado

Todas las órdenes hechas por adelantado le aseguran puestas al día inmediatas sobre cada etapa de la producción de El año del sol en calma, inclusive detalles sobre las técnicas que vamos aplicando a medida que progresa la impresión del portafolio..

Al  suscribirse por adelantado queda garantizada la mención impresa de su nombre en la lista de agradecimientos de la edición misma..

Gracias de antemano por su apoyo.


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