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Someone recommends Diane Penwill

Someone is delighted to recommend Diane Penwill at Linked In,  April 2009.

Someone and Diane have worked together for several years, often as co-producers of marketing and promotional work for Someone's clients. One of their most creative projects together was an interactive calculator, built for IA Clarington, which directly resulted in increased investments in the company's dividend funds.


Fingers' crossed!

On 29 March, Someone will present a proposal outlining a brand rejuvenation and marketing strategy to the Kimbercote Board of Directors. With a go-ahead from this 50-year old non-profit organization, Someone will bring extensive experience working with other non-profits, social enterprises, governments and small businesses to the table.

Someone's deliverables will include a stronger identity for Kimbercote and will direct appropriate functionality at Kimbercote’s interactive website to create a platform for revenue-generation and volunteer recruitment.


Someone welcomes Cory to the team

Cory 'wrote the book' on Joomla. No kidding!

Someone is pleased to welcome him to the creative team to supply programming in php for Joomla and other CMS-enabled sites for a number of our current projects.

Whether you need consultation for finding the most appropriate and effective web site functionality, or if you're looking for the actual delivery of light, streamlined, and efficient yet powerful programming, Someone is able to offer Cory's services by the hour.


Someone in Cabbagetown

In early February, Someone began with the concept development for a promotional campaign to promote The Union Yoga Centre, an enterprising community hub in Toronto's Cabbagetown.  Beginning this spring, Someone is producing thousands of unique letterpress flyers on its press, which will be strategically distributed at 6-week intervals, through 2009.


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