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Studio Work

Creatives just can’t stop creating!

When you least expect it, at all hours of the night and all across the globe – Halifax to Vancouver, Mexico to England, Texas to Toronto – Someones are producing work in the studio. Our studio exists on-line as a place of collaboration, it exists in our letterpress room, it exists down the road over a cup of coffee at Jetfuel. 

You'll find examples of some of our favorite work for arts organizations, non-profit agencies, and some of our own Sideline projects in the portfolio, below.


Posters for Arts' Sake

Posters and broadsides produced in the Someone studio over the past 60 days, capture and present creative ideas and images. Recent productions include a poster (now available) commemorating Marshall McLuhan's centenary, two broadsides in the someone:water series, a poster promoting the jazz accomplishments of Laila Biali, and a literary broadside celebrating two authors' dramatic poetry Throwdown in Ottawa!

Posters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' Sake

Unique weddings, captured forever, shared online

Someone works with engaged couples and their families to capture the unique moment of your wedding celebration. Someone’s fine print and online skills position us perfectly to partner with your wedding planner, to deliver distinctive print invitations, and extend the event identity seamlessly online, to capture replies, provide directions and post online galleries of the proceedings.


Printed delights for every occasion

At, design and print, paper, letterpress type and photopolymer plates offer creatives the opportunity to produce fine print products for sale online and in the store at 1691 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Products change up to suit the season and range from fine print gifts, birthday cards, posters and ephemera for special occasions, to printed momentos and memorabilia. To see more of what we've been up to – check out the Sidelines / Recent work section at


9 Days of Something at Someone

Come to 9 days of something at someone. Meet other discerning graphic art lovers and someone's long time collaborators, artists, writers and print aficionados. Stayed tuned for notice of special guest appearances and other holiday cheer. Read the whole story here.

December 16-24
Weekend days, noon-7pm
Weekdays, 2-7pm

9 Days of Something at Someone9 Days of Something at Someone9 Days of Something at Someone

The Card's a Keeper!

Not a bad way to stay top of mind, and remembered in the crucial moments, by ad executives, creative studio directors, art directors, and marketing creatives everywhere! Touchwood will get noticed, and their cards, produced at Someone, with deeply impressed letterpress in two coiours on one side and flashy, shiny thermography on the other, will be touched, talked about, kept, and even left around on the desks of the recipients – front and centre, as conversation pieces. Check out the story here.


Foster Child Play

Alex Napier of Island School Group came to Someone in the summer of 2010 looking for the creation of a large typographic poster that would stand out as something completely unique and cut-through.

Printed from a piece of cardboard cut on an angle, and mounted directly onto bed-plate, the texture in the pink background block was created by the flutes within the cardboard, delivering connotations of hand-made and industrial. The type: one of Someone's largest wood type with hand set Jefferson Gothic. Take a look at the full story here.


Sending Thanks

During the Fall 2010, Someone moved 20000 pounds of type and presses from the downtown east side of Toronto and two additional presses from a dank basement in Caledon Ontario, to assemble their fine printing, web and design studio, opening this season on Dundas Street West.

The Herculean adventure was supported by a creative and courageous crew. 'Thank you!' – uttered a thousand times, inspired these cards. We'll use them, and have made more to share – available online here.

0000-Someone Thank You Cards0000-Someone Thank You Cards0000-Someone Thank You Cards