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Publishing had various aspects in the Dreadnaught years outside the limited edition fine books category. Book packaging efforts identified co-publishing possibilities and book design, illustration, printing and publishing opportunities.

Authors, agents and editors presented manuscripts, many of interest to Dreadnaught. As designers, the Dreadnaught team was focused on providing the most effective and innovative options for each publication, from web printing on wood pulp to the finest commercial printing and the most sensitive specialty print and detailed hand bindery.

The Dreadnaught years published poetry, biography, non-fiction books including poetry like Testament for Man, Sadness of Spacemen, and many others; biography like Helen Gregor, The Light Must Be Perfect, Of a Bird, Flying; Toronto Islands Book and Kids Book of fun and Games, and others non-fiction like New South, Common Sense Revolution, Wankers Giude to Canada, Canada Illustrated; Canadian Engagement Diary

Selected Poems of Gilberto Meza with translations by Therea Moritza and A.F. Moritz. Illustrations by Ludwig Zeller. 
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